We have aligned ourselves with some of the best in luxury, health, and wellness

Seascape Luxury Villa


Located right on 7 Mile Beach, guests will enjoy a 7 night stay at the luxurious Seascape Villa.  9,400 sp ft of space all for the guests to experience a retreat like no other   

7 Mile Strength & Fitness


Guests will experience an in-person assessment by Coach Chris of 7 Mile Corrective where he will take them through a series of exercises for mobility, strength and correctives 

Luxury Boat Charter


Guests will be able to check off their bucket list the famous Stingray City and Starfish Point with a morning excursion on a luxury boat charter

Sunset Yoga


Just steps outside the luxury villa, guests will be guided by a local yoga instructor through a series of movements at their own pace

Spa Treatments


An afternoon of pampering, the guests will enjoy in house facials and massages

One on One Coaching


Coach Nadine Dumas will be spending time with each guest one on one to dive a bit more into their personal needs to ensure they leave balanced and ready to take on what life has waiting for them upon leaving

Cooking Classes


Eating healthy doesn't need to be boring.  Guests will interact with their personal chef throughout the night for tips and tricks on how to enjoy what they are eating while achieving their goals

Paddleboard Yoga


 Set out on 7 Mile Beach, guests get their feet wet and challenge themselves with a combination of both SUP paddle-boarding and yoga.  

Luxury Jewelry Experience


Guests get treated like royalty while they spend the morning at one of our local diamond and jewelry boutiques.  The store closes specifically for them so they can mingle and try on some of the islands jewels

Free Time


Where some of the most incredible changes come into play on this retreat - in silence or through conversations with the other house guests. Its a week of friendships in the making.

Curated Gift Bags


Upon the guests arrival, they receive a thoughtful gift bag filled with locally inspired gifts and handpicked items for their stay

Freshly Catered Meals


The Lagom retreat is all about balance and we make sure that comes out in our menu.  Forget the kale eating, fad dieting techniques you will see in other retreats.  We are all about balance.  Maybe even with a little bit of wine in there.