Welcome To The Lagom Wellness Retreat

 Join us on your very own 7 day exclusive, women’s only wellness retreat designed specifically for those whom are wanting to find their balance.

As a culture, we favor excess; and we extend this excess into every area of life. We jump for the quickest fix, cleanse or newest fad diet over understanding our eating patterns and habits. We over-commit when it comes to our fitness goals rather than being realistic in our weekly gym regimen, and we’ll stress ourselves daily in the office only to constantly complain to our friends about how busy we are, just to prove our worth in the workplace. 

Today, we live in a society where busy is the new cool, excess is encouraged, stress is the norm, life is lived at warp speed and we are constantly connected to social media and the ideals of what our lives should look like, but what we most truly want and desire is a Lagom lifestyle. A balanced, less complicated and happy life.

The Lagom Retreat is all about balance. Forget the week long kale eating, over-exercising retreat that leaves you depleted and unable to apply to your real life upon returning home, this is a wellness retreat that leaves you refreshed and renewed with a way to settle back into life more balanced and content.


Meet Coach Nadine Dumas


Nadine is a leading business woman and influencer in the worldwide fitness market. Her online holistic approach to health and wellness span the globe with a footprint in Asia, Australia, the Cayman Islands, United Kingdom and North America. 
Her experience and businesses focus on mind-body nutrition and eating psychology coupled with achieving individualized fitness objectives. Nadine has seen outstanding results through her online programs with over 15,000lbs+ in weight lost but most importantly lifelong transformations.

Nadine holds a business degree and is a Professional Eating Psychology Practitioner with over a decade of experience in mind-body transformations. Not only does Nadine work as a practitioner but she is actively involved in the corporate wellness space, consulting with corporations to bring a health focus to employees and creating an overall wellness to companies through her work in Eating Psychology.

As a global figure in health and wellness Nadine has been photographed and published in some of the most noteworthy editorials in fitness including Oxygen, Women’s Health and Fitness and Inside Fitness Magazine. She is a contributing writer for entrepreneurial platforms such as Influencive and Thrive Global and has been featured by FORBES, the Huffington Post, INC., and Thrive Global




'And it is these women who find Nadine and travel to the cerulean Cayman Islands for a life-changing week of fitness, friendship and fun.'  

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